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Foreign students application


The online application form for accomodation for entrant students will open during summer. Once you receive an offer of a place to study at the University it is time to apply.

The link to the online application form for undergraduate accommodation can be found in this page.

Please notice all requirements for international students described in EDUCatt Bando di Concorso (Call for Admissions). Remember to provide school or academic documents (depending on your academic programme if Bachelor or Master ones) both legalised by your country's competent authorities and translated into Italian by an official translator.

If you are a non-E.U. student residing abroad you are allowed to apply for UCSC international scholarship application.

All exchange students can please check all informations from International office webpage.

If you have any enquiries please email info.dsu@educatt.it or call 02.7234.2416.

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